Carly Scovill

“You can be really talented, but if you’re a sucky person to work with, no one’s going to call you back.”  –  Carly Scovill

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If I get the chance, I love to interview more than one person from the same touring crew as it gives a great perspective on the whole touring experience, and this week’s guest helps me round out a particular story of a special bunch of people.

Fresh on the heels of graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in San Francisco, Carly Scovill found herself under the guidance of longtime stylist Linda Burcher at the start of rehearsals for the 40th anniversary tour of one of the world’s most beloved artists, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

As the daughter of Parnelli award-winning Sound Engineer Robert Scovill, Carly knew firsthand what endless possibilities for adventure, growth, and experience life on the road could offer, but she had no way of knowing just how poignant the next four months would be for her.

Join Carly and I as she takes me through her first days of rehearsal, to the final shows at the Hollywood Bowl.

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