I've been around music and film my whole life, and love watching and reading about all of the action backstage and behind the scenes.

From the independent film producer who has to make his or her day despite inclement weather, to the guitar tech changing the umpteenth set of strings on the bus at 2 AM, I'm fascinated by these people and their stories.

That's where the idea for the short film ROADIE was born.

I released the film in 2004 with the hopes that it would find its way onto the thousands of tour buses crisscrossing each other from venue to venue. A couple of awards and a few buses later, turns out it's had something of a life of its own.

If you've ever wondered who some of those people are in the long list of credits at the end of a movie and how they got there, or who those sweaty guys in black T-shirts are on stage before a concert or what the hell a record producer actually does, then this podcast is for you.
Thanks for listening.