So I spent a lot of time checking several different podcasts to learn some best practices and see what other people were using to create their shows. After all of that searching, I thought I'd share my current set-up.

On the road

I've tried to keep the amount of stuff I have to carry around to a minimum, so my basic kit includes:

In the studio

There are a lot of varying opinions when it comes to what to use in the studio, especially for mixers, but I realized I wanted to be able to have the luxury of doing interviews via Skype, therefore I was going to need auxiliary outputs to send back to my computer. So the studio stuff goes like this:

1 Electro-Voice RE-20 Cardioid Microphone


Behringer XENYX X1204USB Premium 12-Input 2/2-Bus Mixer

going out to

Mac mini running adobe audition to record the show.

The auxiliary out from the mixer is going to a MacBook Pro that I do the Skype calls from. Then, from the output on the MacBook Pro I go into a channel on the mixer.

Hope this helps. Hit me up here if you have any questions.