“In the beginning, the hours were long, and the pay wasn’t great. You ate when you ate, you slept when you slept, but man, you felt like you were doing it.”
— Sean Quackenbush
“I’m an engineer who happens to be female, not a female engineer.”
– Rachel Ryan
“There are a million opportunities that float around you everyday, it’s just which ones do you recognize, and which ones do you put your energy into.”
- David Koltai


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Video Interview live with Toni Fishman Founder of telefunken elektroakustik

One could argue that if it were not for an unfortunate mishap at Joni Mitchell's home studio, Toni Fishman may never have had the opportunity to re-launch the Telefunken brand. By reverse-engineering the guts of a badly burned microphone from Mitchell's home studio, Toni was able to not only bring the mic back to life, but realized there was a market for people who owned the same microphones and needed them serviced. It all came down to one small plastic switch. Born and raised in Connecticut, Toni spent many years on the road with various bands archiving live shows and acquiring enough gear to build and maintain his own home studio. His passion for sound and the desire to deliver the best audio experience possible led him on his unbelievable journey re-visualizing the Telefunken brand, earning him the respect of his peers. But don't just take their word for it, ask the growing legion of satisfied customers.


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