One man, one mission, a million miles. After seeking advice from the Godfather of all roadies, Reuben must confront his fears and embrace his status as the "best of the best."

Brass, Glass, & Steel the making of ARLEN ROTH'S "SLIDE GUITAR SUMMIT."

BRASS, GLASS, & STEEL takes you behind the scenes into recording studios from New York to Nashville, as we trace the making of ARLEN ROTH'S "SLIDE GUITAR SUMMIT." For BRASS, GLASS, & STEEL merchandise click here.

Sweet Blues is a film about my late cousin Mike Bloomfield, that was directed by Bob Sarles of Ravin' Films. The DVD is part of a box set called FROM HIS HEAD TO HIS HEART TO HIS HANDS, produced by Al Kooper, and put out by Sony, that includes an incredible 3 CD Bloomfield retrospective.