Dansir McCullough

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It’s 1968. You've recently turned 17, you already have one son, and your first marriage is pretty much in the wind. 

You end up living in a band house and without any prior experience you become their drum tech, and in that instant your fate is sealed. You will go on to lead an incredible life full of chance, travel, respect, challenge, and music. Always music. 

After fifty years as a working and dedicated FOH engineer, Dansir McCullough still believes in the power of music, and the thrill it gives him night after night to stand at the center of it all, and push the faders up on over a hundred microphones. 

Dansir’s big break came with Ted Nugent, who he would mix for from 1976-1984. Prior to that he had been with Bob Seger, the Rockets, and the Tea. 

Since 1984 he has mixed for Patti Labelle, Aerosmith, John Waite, Ace Frehly, Alice Cooper, Gladys Knight, Billy Idol, the Grand Rapids Symphony, the Opera Grand Rapids, and the Grand Rapids Ballet. For over eleven years he was the president of the Stage Hands Local #26 I.A.T.S.E. 

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