Steve Remote

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Well, this is IT! The big 100!

Thank you so much for tuning-in and joining me on this epic journey of bringing you the stories behind the men and women who make the music and film industry tick day after day, night after night, mile after mile.

A dreamer, an innovator, and a self-proclaimed procrastinator, Steve Remote doubled-down on his career, and at the age of eighteen years old, knew his destiny lay in following his own path, and forging a career for himself in the audio industry. He reasoned that the money he would spend on school would serve him better if spent on recording equipment to capture some of New York’s most daring bands of the 1970’s.

Since that time Steve has built a formidable fleet of mobile recording trucks and has captured artists ranging from The Band Called Fuse, Dropkick Murphy’s, Blink 182, Wilco, New York Dolls, and many more.

Today’s episode is sponsored by Airturn, ShowPro Beard Co., and Gig-Gear.

Special Mentions:

Aurasonic LTD, The Band Called Fuse Movie Trailer for 'Rise Together Live!', Showco, Jason Sprinzen, Desire – Bob Dylan, Lagond Music School, Levon Helm - Electric Dirt, Levon Helm – Dirt Farmer, Relix Magazine, Tour:Smart: And Break the Band – Martin Atkins, Eyes of the World: Grateful Dead Photography, Roswell Mini K47 Microphone, Airturn GoStand, Telefunken M80 Dynamic Microphone.