Jason Sprinzen

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Thank you for joining me this week for our 99th episode, my guest is Jason Sprinzen, author of the forthcoming book about legendary sound and lighting company, SHOWCO. 

A native New Yorker, vintage guitar expert, and vintage t-shirt collector, Jason has always been fascinated by the 1970's Rock 'n' Roll scene. He was still in grade school when he first laid eyes on the SHOWCO logo. Over the years, he would see it again and again in photos worn on the t-shirts of his favorite rock stars. Already an avid collector of vintage rock t-shirts, Jason soon discovered that some of the most coveted rock tees around are SHOWCO shirts from the 1970's.  

By 2007, Jason's curiosity as to just what role this mysterious company had played in the concert tours of his favorite classic rock bands had become insatiable. Discovering that little-known SHOWCO was the premier sound and lighting company for most of the major touring bands throughout the 1970's immediately led to a desire to learn more, and ultimately suggested that he write a book to tell the story.  

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