Becky Pell

“You can be as demanding and fussy as you like, but respect needs to underpin all of that.” – Becky Pell

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Becky Pell is one of the lucky people who is able to follow two of her passions and turn them into thriving careers. As a monitor mixer she has worked with an incredible range of artist’s including the Black Crowes, A-ha, Anastacia, Take That, Westlife, Kylie, Muse, and Natalie Imbruglia. As a yoga and meditation instructor she contributes to several magazines and blogs including Yoga International, Om magazine, and Adventureyogi. She is also a member of, where she lends her voice to help empower and educate young women interested in learning about the industry. Add in the fact that she’s English and you’ve got one bad-ass roadie!

Special Mentions:soundgirls, Groundup Fest Campaign, Milburn Media Arts/Roadie Free Radio, Adam Lerner – Brooklyn Photo Works, Manduka PROLite Yoga and Pilates Mat,