Tony Purrone

 “When you really play with heart and soul, speed has nothing to do with it. Absolutely nothing” 

- Tony Purrone

Download: ITUNES

Passion. Heartbreak. Angels. Devils. Duende, And of course, Jazz. These are the things that keep guitarist Anthony Purrone driving and striving for the truth in his playing and just a few of the things that we mined through during our time together. One of the great improvisational guitarist’s, Tony has played with an incredible range of people including Jimmy heath and the Heath Brothers Band, Winton Marsalis, Joe Henderson, Stanley Clarke, and on and on. Do yourself a favor, grab one of Tony’s albums, and prepare to have your mind blown.

Special Mentions:   You've Changed - Jimmy heath, The Tonester – Tony Purrone, The Essential Miles Davis, Temperament – Tony Purrone, Groundup Fest Campaign, Milburn Media Arts/Roadie Free Radio, Adam Lerner – Brooklyn Photo Works.