David Koltai

“There are a million opportunities that float around you everyday, it’s just which ones do you recognize, and which ones do you put your energy into.” - David Koltai

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Musician. Entrepreneur. Hustler. I think those are three good words to describe David Koltai. And just so we’re clear, I mean hustler in the best sense of the word. When I arrived at the Pigtronix/Supro office in Port Jefferson, NY, David was juggling several calls, pausing shortly in between to confer with any of his staff who poked their head in for a quick word. You don’t get to be the head of not one, but two burgeoning companies by resting on your laurels or resting at all for that matter. Spending time at the office you definitely get the sense that a new idea could be around the next corner and you won’t want to miss it. 

Before my interview with David I’d never played a Supro amplifier, and frankly, I knew even less about them. I’d seen some around, and started hearing about them from friends of mine, but the history, tone, and legend, was honestly totally lost on me. I had a chance to spend some time with the Black Magick and I’m totally hooked. It was like a Fender, but not. I can’t quite describe it. It just had a little something extra that made the amp sing. 

  David and his partners started Pigtronix with the goal of taking classic analog sound and pushing it into the future, and with multiple Guitar Player Editor’s Pick awards and a growing list of endorsements from top bands and musicians, it’s clear there are no signs of slowing down. This is even more evident with the acquisition and manufacturing of the resurrected Supro brand. 

David’s love and enthusiasm for what he does is contagious, so buckle-up and enjoy the ride.  

 Special Mentions: Craig Anderton: Electronic Projects for Musicians, Pigtronix Philosphers Tone Micro, King Curtis Harlem Nocturne, Supro 1695 Black Magick

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