Roger Sadowsky

“I think the bottom line is you either have the wiring and the personality to take a risk or you don’t. I never read a business book in my life.”  - Roger Sadowsky

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Roger Sadowsky is very clear that he never wanted his business to feel like a factory. The world in which he builds his instruments should feel more like a workshop than anything else. Wandering through his shop, past the several workstations occupied by his master builders, it's clear that he has succeeded. Since striking out on his own in 1979, Roger has built a loyal and dedicated following who not only seek out and swear by his instruments, but also look to Roger for his expertise and care in making their instrument the best it can be. Marcus Miller, Ben Mckee, Walter becker, John Abercrombie, Willie Weeks, Will lee, Jason Newsted, Tal Wilkenfeld, Darryl Jones, and Verdine White. Those are just a few of the players listed as Sadowsky artists.  

I had a the great pleasure of sitting with Roger in his showroom in Brooklyn, and hearing about his incredible journey from his early days apprenticing with luthier Augie LoPrinzi, and the path that has lead to the legendary “Sadowsky Sound."                                                                  

Special Mentions: Sadowksy Guitars and Basses, Marcus Miller, Will Lee, Tal Wilkenfeld           

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