So what’s this podcast all about anyway? I mean, yeah, I talk to people in the music and film industry, and we find out about their careers. Cool enough. But why am I so interested in the first place?

Honestly, I like a good story, and the best part is everybody’s got one. In this case, the bonus for me is that I get to sit with people in an industry that I not only work in, but that I love and I love talking about. I mean, if I could do these interviews all day, I would.

In my other life as a director/producer I make a ton of video content for other people. The thing is, when I’m sitting behind the camera and asking my interview subjects questions, I have to ask them things in a certain way so that it can be edited, and we can’t really have a real conversation. Plus there’s usually a marketing message of some kind that I’m trying to have them get across. But with Roadie Free Radio, I can have a much more free-form conversation, it can go off in seemingly random directions, and yet all the while I’m learning something about the person sitting in front of me, and hopefully so are you.

At this point, twenty weeks into the show, I’m having a blast. I knew I was going to like doing a podcast but I didn’t realize I was going to love it as much as I do. The stories, the personalities, the locations, the experiences, it just keeps getting better. Some of the guests I know personally, some I’ve just met moments before the interview starts. Either way, I’m always surprised, inspired, and in many cases fascinated by what comes up.

Alright, so that’s the podcast. What about this blog thing called The MIX?

The Mix is another opportunity for me to connect with you guys during the week and share some more thoughts. Could be about a song I just heard, maybe something came up in an interview that I want to expound on a little more, who knows? You know what? We’ll figure it out.

So there you go.

Hey look at that, I just wrote my first blog!


Be safe out there roadies,