Arica Rust


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Arica Rust is a live sound engineer specializing in Front-Of-House systems engineering based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her expertise lies in designing, deploying, and optimizing sound reinforcement systems tailored to the client’s or artist’s needs. She is an expert in L-Acoustics and advanced user in d&b audiotechnik systems. She also has extensive experience as a monitor engineer, mix engineer, stage tech, RF coordinator, and communications specialist.

Born in Oakland, California, Arica came into audio with a passion to shape how the audience experiences music. Her love of music and technology led her to receive trade certificate in Live Sound and Sound Recording from City College of San Francisco as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcasting and Electronic Media Arts with a focus in Audio Production from San Francisco State University.

Arica currently works for Sound On Stage, Inc., providing audio production services for a wide range of events from high profile corporate entertainment to large-scale music festivals.

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