Ian Campbell

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Ian Campbell is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter who grew up in Connecticut with seventeen entertaining and musical brothers and sisters. Outrageous family dinner time jam sessions, with instruments like "salt shaker" and "nose" gave Ian a love for music and performance.

After spending five years in the military, Ian drove around the country, adjusting back to civilian life. It was in these travels that Ian cracked open and found the songwriter within.  
Ian is the quintessential singer/songwriter; and with his heart on his sleeve, he walks the line between spirituality and humanity... His honest and vulnerable lyrics, decorated with intricate finger-style guitar, open tunings, and powerful piano, blends so well with his soothing voice, and welcoming presence. His music explores the deeper places that make you laugh, cry, hurt, and heal; and always... always looking for the light.

As an endorsed clinician for Ovation guitar, A director and teacher for the National Guitar Workshop, and a full time, traveling singer/songwriter, Ian has honed the sound, communication, experience, and feels of a powerful live performance. His obvious goal is to have you leave with your spirits raised.

Most recently, Ian is the talent booker for the Black Bear Americana Music Festival in Goshen, Connecticut.

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