Peter Shapiro

“I just know the little things matter.”   – Peter Shapiro

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Welcome to episode #90! Today’s guest has been on my radar for quite some time and it brings me great pleasure to share our interview with all of you.

It’s almost impossible to be a fan of music and not know the name Peter Shapiro. Chances are you’ve heard of places like Wetlands Preserve, The Capitol Theater, and Brooklyn Bowl. You may even be familiar with Relix Magazine, originally launched in 1974, which focuses on live music, festivals, artist interviews, etc. If the aforementioned still doesn’t ring a bell, I’m sure you know the names Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir. Peter Shapiro is at the center of all of those things and many more.

He is also a master at creating the right “vibes” for the right moment.

Thanks for tuning-in, Peace ya’all.

Today’s episode is sponsored by Telefunken Elektroakustic, and Airturn.

Special Mentions:

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