Derrick Green

“What’s the point of being an artist if you can’t evolve and can’t create and learn and move forward like every other thing on this planet?”  - Derrick Green

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As a young man growing up in Cleveland, Derrick Green knew at an early age that following the status quo and fitting nicely into society’s neat little boxes was probably not going to work for him.

Quietly slipping from long-haired football player to choir boy, Punk Rock and Hardcore lover, to Vegan soul searcher, Derrick has always followed the path that led to personal growth and artistic freedom.

Since joining Sepultura in 1997 and replacing former founder and frontman Max Cavalera, Derrick has not only been embraced by the bands legions of fans, but with his fellow band member’s support, he has helped to drive to creative direction of the group.

I offer a big shout-out to former guest Tanya O’Callaghan (RFR EP: 34) for making the introduction, and to Elderberries Threefold Café in Los Angeles for hosting us.

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