Nite Bob

“The root of music is like this primal thing of people coming together.”

– Nite Bob




After nearly 45 years in the music industry it's safe to say that Robert "Nite Bob" Czaykowski does indeed deserve the legendary status that is usually bestowed upon him. 

He's been at the intersection of Right Place/Right Time so often, his stories at times seem unbelievable, but, as he himself confesses; "I may not be able to remember my hotel room number, but I can tell you details about shows."  

Nite Bob and I sat down in Studio 2 at SIR Studios NYC, for a lengthy chat that barely scratched the surface of a resume that includes Emerson Lake & Palmer, The New York Dolls, Iggy and the Stooges, Aerosmith, Rich Robinson, Steely Dan, Ace Frehley, and Kiss, with a variety of job titles including tour manager, production manager, amplifier voicing designer, author, sound engineer, production coordinator, and road manager.

Special Mentions:  

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The legend....

The legend....