Paul Marcarelli

“The only thing that’s consistently served me is my curiosity. Commitment to pursuing your curiosity will never steer you wrong.” - Paul Marcarelli

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As an actor, your lucky if you get one job that hits and puts you on the map. If that job happens to be a successful commercial, count yourself as really lucky.

Paul Marcarelli has done it twice. For fourteen years he was the iconic face of Verizon who asked the question “can you hear me now?” and now, in a historic and unprecedented move, he’s back, representing mobile phone giant Sprint.

Not one to rest on his commercial success, Paul has poured himself into filmmaking as a writer/producer. Clutter, The Green, I Am Divine, and The Royal Road, have all helped to cement Paul’s career as a serious filmmaker garnering festival awards, major distribution deals, and critical success.

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