Joe Magistro & Kattrine Ottosen

“It’s amazing to be part of such a machine. Everyone on that stage is so inspiring.” – on The Magpie Salute – Katrine Ottosen

Download: ITUNES

I first met Joe Magistro and Katrine Ottosen in the Summer of 2014 while they were both on tour with Rich Robinson. The gig was in Patchogue, NY, and the trailer hauling all of their gear had broken down in New Jersey on the way to Long Island. It was hot, the band was late to the venue, and we all had to pitch in to help get them set-up in time for the show. It was awesome!

Joe and Kat opened for Rich, playing music from Joe’s solo project, Prophet Omega, and I was an instant fan. A short while later, I discovered Kat’s solo work, CALLmeKAT, and I was equally hooked.

Currently they are both on tour with The Magpie Salute, and took a quick break from playing to catch-up with me at their home in the Catskills.

 Special Mentions:  Going Out To Slab City - Prophet Omega, The Natural World - Prophet Omega, Mouth Of Time - Callmekat, I'm in a Polaroid, Where Are You? - CallmekatThe Magpie Salute, Rich Robinson, Applehead Recording, Milburn Media Arts/Roadie Free Radio, Adam Lerner – Brooklyn Photo Works, Airturn