Tanya O'Callaghan

“I’m definitely a natural hustler of getting out there and doing it. I’m stubborn and I’m very driven.” -Tanya O'Callaghan 

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If you know what you want to do, and you get bitten by the bug of your chosen field, nothing can stop you. Even though bassist Tanya O’Callaghan was bitten late, she made up for lost time by hustling and working constantly to master her instrument. Several short years later, Tanya has carved an incredible international career for herself as an in-demand artist in the studio and on the road. These are just a few of the amazing artists she’s played with: Maynard James Keenan, Joshua Eustis, Orianthi, Ronnie Wood, and The Coors.

Special Mentions:  Xotic Guitars & Basses, Sadowsky Guitars, Scott Cowie Talk Music Podcast, Milburn Media Arts/Roadie Free Radio, Adam Lerner – Brooklyn Photo Works, Carol Kaye,