Michael Lardie

“Make quick decisions, instead of laboring over something too long, ‘cause when you labor too long sometimes you can get in the way of the actual performance.” – Michael Lardie

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For over 30 years, multi-instrumentalist Michael Lardie has traveled the world and rocked stage after stage as the keyboardist and guitarist for the band Great White. He's ridden every high and low that comes with rock stardom, and through it all he's kept the same passion and love for music that prompted him to move to Southern California in the late '70's. 

Michael started out in recording studios engineering some of L.A.'s first punk bands, before he found his way as a session player and eventually got the call to join Great White in 1985. From then on, he's been an integral part of the band, writing and contributing to some of the band's most memorable songs. 

I caught-up with Michael in-between gigs in the midst of the band promoting their latest album, Full Circle. 

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