Harvey Citron

“My hope is that when a player picks up one of my instruments that it makes magic in their hands, allowing their vision to be fully realized." - Harvey Citron

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In all honesty, I didn’t know much about Harvey Citron before our interview. I had met him at a few random events in Woodstock, NY, but we never had an opportunity to get to know each other. And, I knew nothing about his guitars or basses. As I prepped to sit down with him, I quickly picked-up on the care, precision, and thought that he brings to each instrument and to each new design endeavor that he approaches. We had an opportunity to meet at his home, and later, I got to strum a few of Harvey’s guitars. Needless to say, I am now a huge fan! Harvey has been building guitars, basses, and pickups since 1974. In 1975, he co-founded Veillette-Citron, and was a frequent reviewer for Guitar Player, Bass Player, and Guitar World magazines. These are just a few of the players that use Harvey's instruments: Jimmy Vivino, Donovan, John Sebastian, Steve Swallow, and Bo Bice, to name a few.   

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