Howard Massey

“I need to be true to these characters, I need to present this as if it was real. A lot of four letter words in there, well, that’s life on the road as you know” Howard Massey

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Roadies, in this episode I am humbled to have had the privilege to sit down with prolific author, Howard Massey

With 16 books to his name, Howard is a man of many talents; engineer, producer, songwriter, and musician. Howard's deep knowledge and love of the business is rivaled only by the incredible respect his peers have for him. Not only was he ahead of the curve with his early titles breaking down the features of the Yamaha DX 7, but any student of the recording industry would be remiss not having well worn copies of Great British Recording Studios or both volumes of Behind the Glass on their shelves. 

Much of our focus was centered on his most recent effort and first novel, Roadie. Loosely based on Rolling Stones founding member Ian Stewart, Roadie paints a vivid picture of the less glamorous side of the music industry using many stories rooted in first hand experience that will keep you hooked until the end. 

Howard and I recorded this interview in a Ramada Inn ballroom where he proceeded to give me the low-down on the many different hats he has worn during his 40 year career in the music industry. Tune in to find out more about Howard’s work as a magazine columnist, editor and music journalist, along with his own stories about time spent on the road. 

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